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Welcome to MDN

Whether you are a present or future partner, a loyal or potential client, or simply a curious guest; we wish you the warmest welcome.

MDNspiration is a blend of critical analysis from the founder's professional journey and spiritual understanding. Long years of hands-on experience, a broad network of professional relationships, scrupulous analysis of needs and opportunities, dreams and passion, vision and courage, and faith, all harmoniously woven together to make Middle East Development Network [MDN] a reality. At the same time its origin has a marvellous, fairy-tale-like story as its source of inspiration and the starting point of our journey: The Tale of the Three Grapes, a mysterious historical record or legend, echoing Rumi’s “In Baghdad, Dreaming of Cairo: In Cairo, Dreaming of Baghdad” or Paolo Coelho’s “Alchemist”.

Since its launch, MDN’s ambition goes far beyond just being "another consultancy firm"; it actually aims at becoming an actor of change. Its goal is to make substantial contribution to making the Middle East and North Africa a, and beyond, the lands of peace and prosperity, justice and human development, through improved governance, balanced economic development, and peaceful diplomacy.

Finally, encouraged by MDN’s experience at local level that started in 2014 from Istanbul, we decided to continue this entrepreneurial and experimental journey on international scale. Thus MDN has gradually extended to Europe, USA, and Russia, as a reflection of global ambitions of this original regional initiative, while keeping the acronym MDN as well as our original values. Also, going more and more into the heart of the region for which our hearts beat, since 2022 MDN sets its home base in Amman, Jordan.

In its relentless quest for ways to serve the humanity, the MDN project and myself we ambition to show example of “doing business in right and good way”. With a noble purpose and an inspiring way to reach it. 

Yours inspiringly,

Dr Murad Daoud

Founder of MDN


Middle East Development Network’s unique solutions come from a multi-level approach, leveraging both a highly sophisticated intellectual philosophy and a very practical, grassroots level perspective. It has a unique business philosophy, worldwide network of professionals, and non-cookie-cutter solutions approach. MDN is a client-focused, solutions-based partner for governments, as well as those seeking to do business with governments - national and local - in the Arab world and beyond. [New European Economy, Summer 2014 edition] 

MDN is on the way to become the first international brand of its kind that originates from The Middle East, that is well rooted in its civilizational and cultural ground, inspired by the history of this region, and at the same time courageously transversal, as it embraces best international experience and ambitions to make substantial contribution to the development of standards and know-how. [StartUp Magazine, January 2015 edition] 

Building liveable, sustainable, fair and prosperous cities, strengthening and empowering local governance, and involving local leaders in promoting the culture of peace and harmony in the diverse cities of the Middle East and North Africa are the center of MDN’s work. Well-rooted in the region’s history we look into the future, and aspire to bring together in harmony the East and the West, the North and the South. .

Our ambition is to be a reliable partner that offers effective and innovative solutions for governments, private sector and international organizations.

Dr. Murad Doud




Our headquarters are in Amman, Jordan, in the middle of the Middle East... and the world


Other Locations

MDN Corporation has been registered in the Middle East, Turkey, Europe, North America, Russia.


We speak English, Arabic, French, Turkish, Russian... and others. We value cultures, and work in both international and local languages.

24/7 Our email: info@mdncorporation.com